The Human Right to be free from Poverty. -->
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Limitations and Possibilities We are studying the human right to be free from poverty, linked particularly to the ethical fundament of dignity, as basis of all human rights. This human right will be defined, and the policy consequences of the explicit recognition will be spelled out. On the other hand, the human rights techniqueŁ (that is, to make human rights positive rights will also be put under a critical analysis, considering the actual limitations that it encounters. The approach is be interdisciplinary, combining legal analysis (international human rights law) with international relations theory, sociological theory and discourse analysis (in particular, from critical studies). We advocate for a more comprehensive human rights paradigm (interdisciplinary, not only legal), as to favour the fight against poverty. Only real rightsŁ (not only declaredŁ rights) should be the objective to achieve. For any question, contact: Dr. PEREZ SOLLA at