International Protection

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- A mamber of International Protection will participate in the next OSCE Meeting (ODIHR), Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting
Human Rights Education and Training, March 25-26, 2004. Soon you will find here our position paper.

- A member of International Protection attended the Lecture by the Legal Counsel of the United Nations, Mr. Hans Corell, at the Vienna International Centre on 24 February 2004, entitled "Prospects for the Rule of Law among Nations"
If you want to read the text, follow this link:

LECTURE: COORDINATION OF MACROECONOMIC POLICIES IN LATIN AMERICA: December 2, 2002. Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Economicas, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
With an interesting debate, Mr. Perez Solla presented his paper on Coordination of Macroeconomic Policies in Latin America. The participants, mostly students at the University of Buenos Aires, originated several questions, as the role of Mercosur, the future Free Trade Zone of the Americas and the development of the agricultural negotiations in the framework of WTO.


Wagramer Strasse 25/3/12 A-1220 Austria

ZVR Zahl: 271109246 

Mr. Perez Solla at the Consejo Profesional de Ciencias Economicas