Refugees and Labor Market

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A complicated relation?

Wagramer Strasse 25/3/12 A-1220 Austria

ZVR Zahl: 271109246

Read our background document to the action Refugees and Labour Market

We are collecting interviews and stories of persons with status of refugee as to reproduce their discourse, their life, their problems, their fight for recognition and respect in developed societies. In particular, our interest falls in their access and participation in the labor market: is it easy? Are their studies, experience, language knowledge recognized and appreciated?

Our intention is to produce a final report to reveal these life stories as counter-argument against the image that is reproduced by many media companies that falsely link refugee status,for instance, with criminality and ignorance.

This report will be accessible to the public and most important, to those who work in personnel selection companies.

We want to empower victims of everyday discrimination and to give special role to their voice, their concerns, and their life.

If you would like to know more about our project, or you would like to be interviewed, please contact us under:

International Protection is working on this project without funding, except for the cooperation for free of its members as to conduct the interview process and the subsequent path as to produce our report

International Protection